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Uneven blotchy skin

“Blotches be gone!”

The Best Treatment for Uneven Skin Tone*

We offer a choice of programs to help you tackle your blotchy skin pigmentation issues. Choose from either our comprehensive 5 session program for the best results, or our mix and match program to determine as you go along – it’s up to you! Each starts with our full facial assessment. We also offer a maintenance program for those who’ve previously been treated.*

The Professionals

There’s nothing worse than that feeling that you’ve aged overnight. And that’s exactly how blotchy skin on face can feel. One minute, you’re busy enjoying life and feeling pretty damn good about yourself, and the next you look into the mirror there’s dark flattened patches of skin appearing out of nowhere.


Uneven skin pigmentation can make you appear older than you actually are. And while others are getting about still looking fabulous, it’s really time to reassess what to do with your skin. It’s possible to treat the uneven skin tone on face and refresh your skin with the right combination of therapies and advice.


Here at Specialist Skin Solutions we provide tailored skincare therapies and products to get your skin back to its natural tone. We smooth out the unevenness and remove the discolouration using a combination of medical-grade equipment and products. Our staff are fully trained in the latest up-to-date therapies and practices to give you the best outcomes for your skin.*


Medical grade peel to even skin


Per session

Pigment Punch Program!

A comprehansive all inclusive package


Save $227


7 in clinic sessions


Cuteral Limelight

Skin Medica or Aspect Dr home care products

Actinica Sunscreen

Cutera Limelight

High grade skin treatment to impove texture and color


Per session

*Disclaimer; There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary from patient to patient. Before and after photos demonstrate individual results only.

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