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How To Treat Melasma: The Solution*

Our in clinic management is the best way to combat these darkened spots. We have a range of professional medical services that are carried out by highly trained staff in our clinic, along with specific products that will aid in your treatment. This combination is the best way to fight*

The Specialists

What is Melasma?

For those of us that weren’t used to wearing heavy makeup every day, melasma likely came as quite a shock (Pro tip: even if you did before, it’s still disturbing). You survived the teenage acne years and your skin was relatively calm and luminescent despite the odd late night induced pallor and hormonal breakout (even into your early 20s). But now this is becoming quite an issue.

The patchy brown and grey signs of melasma can hit at any age, although it often crops up for women in their early 20s to 40s, and it is especially common among those of us that are pregnant. Most noticeable on the face, we can also get it in other spots like the arms and chest. Although it is related to sun exposure and this can exacerbate the condition, it can also be related hormonal changes, which is why many look for the best birth control to avoid melasma.

You’ve likely tried a whole slew of remedies for treating melasma, from some serious scrubbing, through to microdermabrasion treatments, the highly popular Asian whitening products, and even melasma natural treatment with honey. If you are looking for real results, then you’ll find them at our clinic.*

Our mix and match program*

Decide what treatments you want and when with our mix and match pay as you go program. Choose the products that you use, and how often you’d like a skin peel.

Our treatments*

We offer both a package in-clinic program, as well as a mix and match program depending on your needs and wants, and each program starts with a complete facial assessment to determine the best course of action for your circumstances. Ongoing home treatment with a tailored selection of products will be required.

Our sessional melasma fighting program*

Our sessional program involves multiple cycles of our at-home skin brightening program followed by a skin peel, over the course of approximately six months. We use Skin Medica and Actinica products for the best melasma treatment.

After around 3-5 sessions you can expect: improved smoothness and evenness of skin, improved general overall appearance of the skin, increased radiance and clarity of the skin, reduction in appearance of darker patches and discolorations. You will see skin and appearance improvements in as little as four weeks of use, significant reduction of discolorations after twelve weeks of use and prolonged continuous reduction over a period of six months of use

“I need to make sure that my melasma remains under control for blemish free skin”

The best treatment for melasma is the one that makes sure that your face remains clear and unpigmented. While you may have already undergone your first course of treatments, it’s a pesky condition that can require semi-regular maintenance to keep you looking fresh, with minimal blotchiness.

Our top-up treatments can help you take care of your skin in the best way possible.*

Our Solutions for Treating Melasma*

Take charge of your upkeep by engaging with our professional medical services. Our highly trained staff are skilled in melasma treatment, and a range of cosmetic skin solutions. They can provide expert advice and help you to achieve skin that’s more radiant than ever before.

Remain in control by selecting from our range of therapies to maintain your skin. We offer three different remedies for topping-up.*


Medical grade peel with our highly skilled dermal therapist


Per session

Complete all inclusive melasma package

Our package which includes in-clinic treatments as well as all required medical grade home care products


Expect to see a difference in as little as 3 sessions


Save up to 20% as compared to buying individually


6 sessions of laser Genesis, Medi-peels as well as Skin Medica products and Actinica Sunscreen

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis with our highly trained dermal therapist


Per session

*Disclaimer; There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary from patient to patient. Before and after photos demonstrate individual results only.

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