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Rosie's struggle with red cheeks*

Specialist skin solutions sharing one of our clients stories.

How Rosie conquered Rosacea

Rosie is a mother of two grown up children. Her daugter Lisa was in her 20’s and her son Kevin was 18. Rosie had recently celebrated her 40th birthday. She had a good life. Her daughter was studying at the university of Newcastle to become a nurse, and her son had recently started a tradie course at TAFE in Maitland. She and her husband were starting to go out more to socialise and enjoy their life.


However, over the last few years Rosie had noticed her skin becoming red and hot. Her daughter mentioned her skin looked red when they went out for lunch and she was worried about her.

She had tried to cover the redness up with make-up as well as concealer that her daughter had given her, but this made her face look patchy and too thick and she found that she sweated in hot weather.

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Rosie struggled to cover up her red skin.

She wants to wear less make up.  Her husband had noticed that when Rosie got out of the shower her face stayed red for a while, even though she used expensive skin care. She was worried as she had always looked after her skin but now her skin was always red, flushed and hot and there were red veins on her cheeks and chin ( she noticed them on her aunt when she visited in the nursing home the other day).


She went to her local GP in Maitland, who had been seeing her and her family for many years. After a thorough examination he told her that it was a skin condition called rosacea.

Her GP explained to her what Rosacea was

This skin condition is usually chronic and generally starts at age 30. It is common in women as well as men. It is a chronic and potentially life-disruptive disorder primarily of the facial skin. If untreated it tends to progress making the skin look red and ruddy, with visible blood vessels.


Rosie was really worried now, she didn’t want to have redness or visible blood vessels. Her GP referred her to Specialist Skin Solutions in Lorn for further review and help. 

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Rosies consultation with Lea our Dermal therapist

“After a consultation to explain to Rosie her skin condition and how to treat, we were able to determine she was using a cleanser to cleanse the skin that was too strong for her skin and her showers where too hot (which she loves a hot shower).  We decided on a skin care program in Aspect dr to calm the skin we recommended a calming mild cleanser, vitamin c serum for sun damage and strengthen the skin. Aspect Dr’s Redless a beautiful skin calming oil that Rosie loved and felt instant relief as moisturiser to hydrate the skin”

Lea Barclay

Rosie’s individualised treatment program in our lorn clinic

Vitamin C benefit peel

It improves hydration, skin tone and texture helping with Rosie’s uneven complexion.  After the 3rd treatment and using Aspect dr skin care the skin was noticeable brighter and smoother.  During the treatment we started with a thorough cleanse of the skin before applying the peel. The peel remained on the skin for 10 minutes to allow the active ingredients to be absorbed into the skin.  Once the peel was removed we applied a calming and soothing rich after treatment cream.  After the 2nd treatment she had some light peeling of the skin. This is normal as the skin regeneration process is in action.  


Thrilled with the results of the skin care and peels, although the Rosacea was not cured she found it was calmer and felt more soothed, but she wanted to explore more options which is then we commenced a course of laser genesis.

Laser genesis

Laser genesis is a non – invasive and comfortable treatment for Rosie, our settings were to treat the diffused redness. The treatment did not require a topical anaesthic and is very comfortable (Rosie commented she almost dozed off during some treatments as she found it very relaxing). The laser genesis gently heats the upper dermis, the additional heat is generated in dilated capillaries to reduce redness.  

After the initial four treatments the redness had subsided and some little pimples had reduced, Rosie can see and feel an improvement in her skin, she is going to continue with maintenance program of laser genesis to ensure her skin condition is controlled. 





Need help with your skin? Call us now on (02) 4934-1540. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00. We also have some saturdays available.

If you are suffering from rosacea...

then you will know all too well the indicators of the condition. Your skin going getting warm and bright red in the heat and after stepping out of the shower. The difficulty in covering the red blotches on your face with makeup. People asking you if you are too hot all the time. Red veins appearing.

These are all the distinct markers of rosacea. Unfortunately the cause of the condition is unknown, however there are ways to tackle the issue without the use of a heavy handed application of concealer.

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*Disclaimer; There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary from patient to patient. Before and after photos demonstrate individual results only.

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