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I look tired and need a fresher look!

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My face is starting to succumb a little to age and gravity, and quite frankly, I hate it!

Specialist Skin Solutions can help.*

Do you look in the mirror everyday and think to yourself, “I look so tired… I’m sure that I’m getting enough sleep though and I feel fine!”? Eye creams, expensive anti-aging serums, and facials don’t seem to be doing enough, and makeup just isn’t cutting it – your whole face shape is changing – it’s flatter, saggier, hollower and less plump than ever before.


Your face can go through a lot of changes as you get older. You might see ridges becoming more prominent at the bottom of your eye socket, and the socket itself darkening and “sinking”. You might see your cheeks start to deflate leading to strange depressions in the skin. Your jowls might start to sag. Your once plump lips are becoming smaller.


Volume loss and laxity of the skin, that is caused by a lack of collagen production that you experienced in your younger years, will lead to that tired-looking effect, even though you are feeling fresh.


The substances which can yet again bring back that youthful glow to give a fuller, plumper look that will mimic the effects of collagen, is face filler, or dermal fillers.*

Natural results*

The key to refreshing your face lies in adding the right amounts of injectable fillers in the right places.

Fuller and smoother features*

Injecting fillers in areas where you are getting sag, hollowing or flatness from the loss of volume.

A holistic approach to facial ageing*

Whether that be the under eye area, your cheeks, your lips or your jowls.

Combine multiple area*

Many people opt to combine multiple facial areas when undergoing treatment for the best effects.

Specialist Skin Solutions

We are here to help

We’re a specialist cosmetic clinic with a proven track record for making our clients feel great about their appearances.

Our highly trained staff are able to give you the best quality professional medical treatments with up to date advice, tricks and tips.*

What happens when we age and how do fillers help?

Ageing happens to all of us!

The good thing about ageing is that it happens to all of us! We have small pockets of fat within our face, that are slowly re-absorbed as we age. The area that we mainly see this loss of volume, is in our cheeks and under our eyes. This makes us look tired when we are not actually feeling tired.

Dermal fillers replace volume*

Dermal fillers are designed to naturally replace the volume in these areas, making you still look like you, only fresher. At Specialist Skin Solutions, our goal is to revitalise with filler, without overdoing it and we do this only after a consultation with you to identify the exact results you’re looking for.

Refresh your tired look*

By putting a small amount of dermal filler in the cheek area, the tear trough region is automatically supported taking away that tired look.

*Disclaimer; There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary from patient to patient. Before and after photos demonstrate individual results only.

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