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Excess underarm sweating

“Putting on my jacket to cover up the sweat patches, always airing and fanning, and a strong aversion to polyester? Yes I do sweat a lot.”* Call us on (02) 49341540

Excessive sweating is embarrassing, annoying, and one of those life interruptions you could certainly do without.*

You need to choose shirts wisely, always take a change, and holidays to the tropics are often swapped out to head to cooler climates instead.

You’ve probably tried some of the more “hard-core” antiperspirants on the market, and may have given some medications a go – but many of them have unwanted side effects. Excessive sweating causes range from anxiety, certain diseases and injuries, and just plain old hereditary factors.

Muscle relaxants, although while more commonly used for cosmetic purposes, can provide relief from for hyperhidrosis – that’s the medical term for excessive sweating.*

The Specialists!

Conquering hyperhidrosis with muscle relaxants for sweating*

Muscle relaxant injections are the key to how to stop sweating so much. Your underarms will thank you later and you’ll be able to leave the house when it heats up without unleashing your very own personal tsunami.

This excessive sweating treatment blocks your nerves that are involved in the sweat production under your arms. This form of treatment will last up to 9 months, at which point you’ll need to return for another round of injections if you’re happy with the results.

Stop the sweat with our underarm sweating treatment and step out of the house feeling fresh! Call us at Specialist Skin Solutions on (02) 4934 1540 to book in your appointment today.*

See results within 1 week*

Many of our patients are amazed at how quick and effective this treatment is.

Lasting up to 9 to  12 Months!*

A full treatment last for almost a year.

Minimal to no downtime*

There is minimal downtown following this procedure, with clients being able to return to work straight after their treatment.

Our Price $1250

For underarm treatment.

We’re a specialist cosmetic clinic with a proven track record for making our clients feel great about their appearances.

*Disclaimer; There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary from patient to patient. Before and after photos demonstrate individual results only.

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