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Does life start at 50?

Many women find a renewed sense of purpose and zest for life as they turn 50. Far from being a signal to slow down, for many women turning 50 is when life really takes off. Children have become independant or moved out, and financial stresses of younger years are gone. There is a new chance for socialising, travelling and going out. Looking your best seems to become more important.


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Donna was one such woman that just wanted to have fun and socialise and she had just turned 50 years old. However, her skin was preventing her from being as outgoing as she would like to be.

One of the biggest changes Donna had noticed since turning 50 was with her skin.

She was increasingly flushed – after her cappuccino in the morning she would feel her skin heat up.  Even at work functions if she had a glass of champagne she noticed how flushed she was when she went to the bathroom.

On several occasions she had become embarrassed as she had forgotten her make up and was unable to cover up the redness.

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Donna had never needed to use more than light foundation BUT....

her personal trainer and others in her exercise class would comment that she had worked out hard as she was very red, but Donna noticed this was more than from exercise.  There were thread type red veins around her nose, cheeks and chin visible without her magnifying mirror in the bathroom.

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Donna came in to see Lea our dermal therapist

Donna enquired about laser treatment for her capillaries.  After a consultation with our Dermal Therapist she was excited to have a treatment on the same day. She was happy with the education given to her and so glad to start a treatment to improve her skin.

Lea went through the best skin care to use for her skin type. Donna was very happy that she could take home some medical grade creams to start her home care treatments.

Lea prescribed an initial course of laser and IPL to help her skin, and the occasional maintenance treatment to stop the vessels from returning to the surface of the skin.


Donna’s treatment

Part of her treatment consisted of cutera  laser to specifically target dilated blood vessels.

Donna was initially a bit nervous about the treatment but she was comforted by Lea’s professional, caring attentiveness.


Laser shields were applied to Donna’s eyes and Lea was wearing protective eye glases.


Small targeted laser pulses were applied to the broken capillaries. Donna noted that there was very minimal discomfort involved.  She  described it like a hot rubber band flicking on the skin for a second.

Lea cooled the skin in between each pulse of laser.


After the treatment Lea applied a cooling gel to Donna’s skin as well as sunscreen.

The skin was slightly puffy and red where the treatment was performed around her nose and chin, as this area had the most damaged skin.

She was given instructions on how to care for her skin post treatments.


After a few treatments of ND yag laser for her skin she found it had almost completely removed the redness.

*Disclaimer; There is no guarantee of specific  results and the results can vary from patient to patient. Before and after photos demonstrate individual results only.

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