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Our Acne treatments*

We offer a range of treatments for your acne – whatever stage you’re at.

Active acne*

Therapies include deep cleansing, peels, and LED light therapy, which are complemented with a range of the best acne products for use at home.

Acne scarring*

Our acne scarring program is for those who are still suffering from the ongoing repercussions of acne, with scarring on the face. We use Dermastamp and Laser Genesis to redefine the skin’s surface, and have a tailored range of skincare products to match.

Acne maintenance treatment*

For those who’ve previously undergone our active acne treatment program, or similar therapies elsewhere, keep your acne under control with our maintenance treatment. It can involve deep cleansing, peels, and Laser Genesis, alongside tailored skincare solutions.

The Specialists!

Anyone who hasn’t had acne has absolutely no idea what it’s like. The red inflamed skin. The overflow of oil. The painful lumps and bumps. The fact that regular skincare doesn’t have any effect. And then when that’s all over, the marks and uneven scarring of the skin! Why me!?*

Acne comes about due to hormonal changes in the body. And while you can attempt to get your hormones under control, the best acne treatment to reduce the physical signs of the condition is one that a targeted, ongoing skincare blitz.

Our clinic provides treatment for acne and acne scar removal with a combination of dermal therapies and medical-grade skincare products to calm your skin, get the oil under control, and redefine the surface. Our staff are highly trained to provide the best advice based specifically on your skin type and your situation.*

Latest equipment*

From Lasers, LED light treatment to PRP and dermastamp we have the latest equipment and techniques to combat acne.

Specialist staff*

All our staff are highly trained and experienced in dealing with acne.

Medical grade products not available in normal shops*

We have medical grade products only available from doctor run clinics. These include the Obagi and Aspect doctor brands.

Affordable and package prices*

We have a range of packages that will make the treatments affordable for you.

Active acne treatment

Specialist Skin Solutions treatments actually work.*

“The worst thing about having acne? The way it makes you feel.”*

Acne can make you feel hopeless at times. The red, crusty breakouts… the feeling that your face is just made entirely of lumps. Hiding it with makeup which makes it look better but can’t be doing any good for your congestion. Trying everything online to make it go away and getting exactly nowhere. It’s enough to make you feel like giving up.

These extended outbreaks often happen when we’re going through some hormonal changes, but unfortunately these changes can stretch on for many years. It comes about due to an overproduction of oil from your sebaceous glands in combination with dead skin, and it’s surprisingly common.

Unfortunately, most over the over the counter treatments are ineffective when it comes to controlling your recurring outbreaks. You’ve probably tried every trick in the book, with minimal success.*

Treatments that work!

That’s why it’s time to consider a medical solution. At Specialist Skin Solutions we create a customized skincare program to help combat your active acne in the fastest time possible. Our highly trained dermal therapists will help you with treatments, so that you can get back to feeling and looking your best.

We know what actually works.

Break the acne cycle and book an appointment with us. Our treatments can lead you to a happier, healthier skin by using the best acne products available.*

Simple and affordable pricing for active acne treatments.


To get on top of acne


Per treatment

Our intensive Acne program

Our custom nine session package is the best way to tackle your acne head on. We work together across the sessions to find the best results for you.


This program is highly tailored to your needs and what works best for you, where each treatment is built on the results of previous treatments to give you maximum benefit. The program incorporates a uniquely personalized combination of deep cleansing, peels and LED light therapy, along with an Envirostate sunscreen and either Obagi CLENZIderm or Aspect Dr Problem medical grade acne products based on your skin type.


Total saving of $155


1 hour consultation and custom plan with our dermal therapist

9 in-clinic treatment sessions  with LED light treatment as well as Medi-peels


Medical grade skin care pack tailored to your skin type

LED light treatment

Start to get on top of your acne.


per treatment

Acne scaring treatment

“My teenage skin was a nightmare and I’m still dealing with the after effects. I’m ready to find out how to remove acne scars for good.”*

Although you may be past the worst of your outbreaks – thankfully! – there’s still one thing that is standing between you and putting your best face forward. The scarring. The raised reminders of the breakouts you once had aren’t dangerous, but they still do make for a bumpy face, which can be both aggravating and embarrassing.

If your acne has left those crater-like pocketed and raised indents that no amount of creams or microdermabrasion will ever reduce, then it’s time to get serious with your treatment.*

We provide the acne scar treatment*

Our acne scars treatment is among some of the best in the business, because we take your face seriously! We offer medical-grade procedures, only available in doctor practices, that are performed by highly trained clinicians to get the results that you need in a timely manner.

Our treatment programs work on your skin in multiple different ways, to ensure that you end up with the best result possible.*


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Acne scarring affordable simple pricing.

We offer a range of different packages for treating acne scarring, including our 10 session program for the best results, as well as mix and match sessions and products of your choosing.

Laser Genesis

Hi-tech treatment of acne


Per session

Acne scarring treatment package

To target scarring in across different layers of the skin we recommend following an alternating course of 5 sessions of Dermastamp, and 5 sessions of Laser Genesis across a 5 month timeframe. The separate technologies work in very different ways to improve the surface of your skin. The program comes complete with a detailed face assessment, ongoing assessment, and a range of Dr. Aspect medical-grade skincare solutions for use at home.


Saving of $661.50


For our all inclusive package


Including PRP treatment


Starting from;


Per session

“My skin is finally clearing up, so I need to keep it that way!”*

Remember when your acne was out of control? Yep, that was a nightmare! If you’ve gotten on top of your acne breakouts through a combination of dermal treatments and medical-grade products, then it is often necessary to do maintenance every now and then to quickly get on top of any further flare ups and really take care of your skin. This way you can keep your skin under control and stay looking good!*

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$949 for complete maintenance package a saving of $245!

Our acne maintenance program.*

You can maintain your fantastic results with a regular treatment session to make sure that your acne does not come back.

Come in once every 6 weeks for assessment of your progress and a customised dermal therapy session, involving cleansing of the skin and a peel, microdermabrasion, or Laser Genesis, our laser treatment for acne.


Combine your dermal therapy with the best products to stay on top of your acne from Aspect Dr.


Keep your skin clear and stay in control with our maintenance program.*


What causes acne?*

The main cause of acne outbreaks is due to the hormones in our body. Often acne crops up when we’re going through some big hormonal changes – but these can be ongoing. Our hormonal acne treatment addresses the effects of your hormones, but because they can still wreak havoc on your body, maintenance is often needed after your initial course of treatment. Controlling acne can be an ongoing process!

We take your maintenance treatments seriously. At Specialised Skin Solutions we provide medical-grade services and products to really conquer your acne. Our clinicians are highly trained and provide excellent skin care guidance and advice.*

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*Disclaimer; There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary from patient to patient. Before and after photos demonstrate individual results only.

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