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We provide every client with a natural, real result.

We are a boutique Cosmetic Medical Practice

Skin treatments to keep you young.
Skin treatments to smooth out wrinkles and blemishes.

All lead by renown cosmetic surgeon Dr Beldholm.

Dermal therapy and injectables

Leading specialist cosmetic clinic in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley

A team of highly dedicated professionals.

Acne treatment

Our clinic provides the best treatment for acne and acne scar removal with a combination of dermal therapies and medical-grade skincare products to calm your skin, get the oil under control, and redefine the surface. Our staff are highly trained to provide the best advice based specifically on your skin type and your situation. Find out more.

Frown and smile lines

If you want to smooth out that frown or soften your features. We have the solution! Find out more about our services here

Under arm sweating

Sweating a little is normal. Sweating a lot is not. Our Botox treatments stop the production of sweat in your underarms. Find out more here

Bigger lips

Big lips are in. For lips that look amazing and plump even without makeup, fillers can take your pout to the next level. Find out more here.

I look tired

Tired looking eyes. Dull, sunken skin. As we get older our collagen production decreases leading to that tired look. Fillers plump up the skin again for a youthful glow. Read more

Uneven blotchy skin

For those with blotchy and uneven skin that is aging the face, we have a combination of therapies to help even out skin tone, and remove pigmentation inconsistencies. Read more

Open pores

Our treatments help to tighten up your pores and reduce the oiliness that can strike when hormones start messing with your skin. Read more

Red skin – Capillaries and broken capillaries

The tiny little bright red and purple lines that are indicative of broken capillaries on your skin can be effectively targeted with our combination of of treatments. Read more

High tech skin treatments

We all have certain aspects that we despise about our faces and bodies

You’ve probably been thinking about trying something a little more effective for a while now. There’s only so far that generic skincare brands and home remedies can take you when it comes to your face.

So don’t put it off. You deserve to look your best and feel it too. You want to walk out the door in the morning confident and free, not poring over your imperfections in the mirror and applying makeup as a temporary cover up. Take care of yourself by coming in to see us.

Affordable Pricing

Wrinkle treatments

Leading brands.

Starting from:


Per treatment

Filler treatments

From bigger lips to anti-ageing treatments.

Starting from:


Per treatment

Skin treatments

Simple to advanced skin treatments.

Starting from:


Per treatment

From advanced to simple fillers and muscle relaxants

Highly trained professionals.

Fuller lips and prevention

We have many younger patients wanting fuller lips or prevention of wrinkles.

Softening the signs of ageing

Many treatments can make you feel better about yourself

We are experts in fillers and muscle relaxants.

Revitalizing your face is our specialty

Stay tuned.


*Disclaimer; There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary from patient to patient. Before and after photos demonstrate individual results only.

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